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be covered by sth 意思:被……覆盖了;包含于 例句:1、All my living expenses and tuition will be covered by the state. 我的所有生活费用和学费将由国家支付。 blog.163.com 2、 This list does not mean that other areas may not or shou...

all expenses for his trip to uk will be covered by himself 翻译:他去英国旅游的一切费用均由他自己支付。 分析: expense n. 费用;花费的钱;消耗;花钱的东西 vt.向…收取费用;把…作为开支勾销 (句中劝费用”之意) trip n. 旅游,出行;摔...


i believe that those mountains will be covered with trees in a few years 我相信这些山将在几年内覆盖着树木


Those mountains will be covered with trees in a few year. in a few years在一些年之后,是固定短语

【俊狼猎英】团队解答。 1,year's 2,absent 3,treatment 4,pollute 5,shining 6,bath 7,steps 8,briefly 9,eating

今晚陈燕萍的感人故事将在CCTV播出。 be covered 原意是被覆盖,用在这里是播出的意思。 你可以这么理解,这个故事把电视节目覆盖了,不就是播出了吗。

第二段正式,all the (加个local) laws and regulations,his staying abroad改为her staying there Her travel to the USA will be from June 3rd to...

This year's Beijing Music Awards will becovered live this Saturd 今年的北京音乐奖将被活这一年

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