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R1 1.FALSE 2.FALSE 3.TRUE 4.TRUE 5.FALSE 6.NOT GIVEN 7.TRUE 8.NOT GIVEN 9.M 10.E 11.G 12.P 13.J 14.B R2 15.taste buds 16.baleen/the baleen whales 17.IN EITHER ORDER, BOTH REQUIRED FOR ONE MARK forward downward 18.freshwater dol...

心理分析 医疗卫生 精选 知道专栏 知道日报 知道大数据 知道非遗 用户...阅读有三篇 是 Rainforests , What Do Whales Feel? 和Visual Symbols and the...


feel good可知,Lizey认为走路去上学是一件赏心乐事...whales in the name of research就已点出本文主旨,...根据第三段中的you should do what you love及...

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