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timing is EvErything

Timing is everything 时机就是一切;时间就是一切;时机最重要 例句筛选 1. Timing is everything: Don't cause yourself undue stress before a big interview. 时间就是一切。不要在一次重大的面试之前引起自己不必要的紧张。 2. Timing is e...

歌曲名:Timing Is Everything 歌手:Lights 专辑:Siberia Lights - Timing Is Everything You were walking in the sunset again without a hassle In the interim, a princess was in another castle Rolling different knocks, the first days ...

timing is everything,collect exactly 30 coins in one run 时间就是一切,在一个运行收集整整30金币 您好,答题不易 如有帮助请采纳,谢谢

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