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And I knowAnd you knowThere’s no need for words right now‘Cause I can feel you breatheIt’s washing over meSuddenly I’m ...

Alanis Morissette 的 Biding my life ,baby It took me some time but I’m on my way Learning to feel what you mean to me I’m going be strong , baby It won’t be too long till I’m back again I’m learning to see, I can now be free Ca...

lt always makes me feel boring 经常让我感到无聊。

I am lonely lonely lonely 我孤单,我好孤单. I am lonely lonely in my ...Feel my heartbeat and for 拥有真正的朋友多么开心。 real friend of mine ...

B< At times At times=sometimes有时 其他的At one time : 一度, 从前 At all times :一直 At a time :依次, 逐一, 每次

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