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Recently,haze weather has become a daily one right here in large part of China.People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air.So it is necessary to find out the reason why leads to that and work out the res...

小题1:C小题2:B小题3:A小题4:D小题5:E 试题分析:小题1:句意:如果你必须出去,请带上口罩。故选C,戴口罩。小题2:句意:一到家就洗脸,清洁鼻子。故选B,洗脸。小题3:句意:糟糕的空气对人的健康不好,特别是对儿童和老年人,因此不要在户外锻...

2014年清华大学考博英语真题作文参考: 题目:解决空气污染的方案及治理雾霾的措施 The hazy weather(雾霾天气) Nowadays, the hazy weather frequently ...

sunny,rainy, cloudy, snowy, windy; stormy 暴风雨天气的, hazy 雾霾天气的


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