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是的,把in 改成on 在具体的某一天, in the morning是一个时间段,指的是早上8:00 - 11:30 因为后边出现具体日期,所以必须用on

Travel on business 商务旅行; 出差 [例句]How often do you travel on business? 你多久出差一次?

go for a business trip的意思是: 去出差 例句: You've been itching to go on a business trip for months. 你想出差都想好几个月了。 Kyle: Ah hah, you must be happy. You've been itching to go on a business trip formonths. 啊哈,你...

商务旅行 〔business travel)又称 公干、出差 等。 是旅游行业中细分出来的一个概念。 主要涉及到交通,迁移,住宿,体育赛事,文化或者饮食活动和饭店行业的宴会。工作期间的程序是很明确的和会议室、商务中心的安排联系在一起的,比如一些必...

你说的go a business trip错了,如果这样说的话,在go 面加上on应该是可以的,就是go on a business trip 。但一般是这样说;travel on business 或者 take a business trip ,或者说 go on business都可以。



be on a business trip 出差 例句 1.He informed me that he would be on a business trip the next week. 他告诉我他下个星期出差。 2.well, to be honest, nothing is more stressful than going on a business trip with our boss. 嗯,坦白...

Airport English-getting through customs: A:Welcome to Canada.May I see your passport please? B:Sure.Here it is. A:Where did you come form? B:I came from Beijing,China. A:What is the purpose of your visit? B:I am here on holiday...

区别是 go on a trip to 表示旅行还没开始,打算去旅行。 be on a trip to 表示旅行已经开始了,正在旅行中。 例句: go on a trip to 1、May I go on a trip to Beijing? 我可以去北京旅行吗? 2、Why don't we go on a trip to the Sun Island...

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