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But i lovE it

歌词“but i love it,but i love it”歌名是《Can‘t Feel My Face》 歌曲信息 中文名称:无法挡的爱 外文名称:Can't Feel My Face 所属专辑:Beauty Behind the Madness 歌曲时长:3:35 发行时间:2015年6月8日 歌曲原唱:The Weeknd 谱 曲:阿...

Love Me Like You Do,Ellie Goulding

The WeekEnd - Can't Feel My Face

Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke & Verdine White 唱的 I Don’t Like It, I Love It

i love you.but it's my own business. 意思是:我爱你,但是这是我自己的事情。 例句:I can do it well, because it is my own business. 我可以做好,因为这是我自己的事情。 Please let me finish myself. It is my own business. 请让我自...

I'll be sent to 她于我耳畔窃窃低语 Is when I'm alone with you 反正只在二人私媾时可窥天堂 I was born sick, but I love it 我虽生来如此,倒一...

歌曲名称:Rainy Day 歌手:fool's garden 歌词: The parridge's been good The marmalade too I take another slice of bread The bacon is hot but I don't mind Too long I boiled the egg I'm still a little tired, my bones are weak Ano...


A not...any more 固定短语

B吧 a heavy rain固定搭配 the air 固定搭配 多记一些固定搭配就行了~

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