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At thE First DAy

on the first day,特定某一天用介系词on,但the first day还可以引导时间状语从句,这时什么介系词也不加就可以引导从句了,如: The first day I went to school, I set up an objective. 元音字母o在重读闭音节中发短元音/ɑ/的音,发音时,舌...

My first day in college was frustrating at first while pleasantly surprising at the end.     The new campus was quite different from what I dreamed of. Actually it was as big as my high school. Besides instead of...

On the first day

My first day in the university was exciting and interesting.When I arrived at the university,I registered first and then I found my domitory.There were four students sharing the same room.When I got there,I saw two girls about ...

It was on a warm autumn day that my elder brother and I walked into Tsinghua Subordinate High School.The strong dry wind was quite different from that in my hometown,which is usually mild.After registering in the senior section...

【 】the first day. A.on B.in C.to D.at 答案:A 解析: 因为on是具体的日子 in是某一个时间段; at某一个具体的时间点


在某一天,用on. at用在晚上和具体时间,如: at night.在晚上 at 7 o'clock.在七点钟的时候 至于原因,这是语法规定,需要记忆.

小题1:B小题2:C小题3:C小题4:D 试题分析:小题1:细节判断。根据文章第二节第一句话The school is very modern得出答案。小题2:细节判断。根据文章第二段中you can see a high stadium (体育场)on the left side of the road,which has a 400-m...

用in,指在前25天里 at只用于特指某一天

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