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Will Usain Bolt set another Olympic record? And will 2012 be Liu Xiang’s year again? Now you can make sure you will be in a perfect position to answer these questions. Tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games have been sold on online...

参考答案如下: 86. Yes, it is. 87. Other people can often help to relax and stop worrying. 88. Peaceful and relaxing music. 89. Reading a book is more helpful. 90. Some advice for fearful flyers. 助你愉快学习!

best same read how every with ever and give best

71 shocked 震惊的 72 a 73 stand 站起来 74 However 然而 75 myself 我自己 76 named 名字叫 77 by 被 78 or 或者 79 agree 同意

1made关键词have,说明是现在完成时;关键词plans,说明填写的词是制定计划 2computer电脑游戏 3how学习怎么弹琴 4watch观看电视节目 5my也是我计划的一部分 6on在网上学习 7a买一台照相机 8there 9take加入 10good玩的开心,词组



because they are exciting,amazing and can change our lives 2.noisy will make you lose all your work 3.new inventions 4.Perhaps because they lead simple lives.

我永远都忘不了我读八年级的那一天,我的爸爸给我买了移动手机,我变得非常的疯狂沉迷,在上面花费很长的时间,我不认真听老师讲课,我的分数也变得越来越低,然而你总是耐心的一遍又一遍的讲给我听,我记不清你在我身上花费了多长时间。 从那以...

8. B 9. B 10. C

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