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有一首歌的高潮是i lovE you lovE you lovE you,...

I Love You Love Me Love We're still together after all that we've been through They tried to tell you i was not the one for you They didn't like my hair, the clothes i love to wear They didn't' realize that i was strong enough ...

是 i love you-Stewart Mac 注意是Stewart Mac唱的 很多人都搜不到

昭宥——I miss you https://y.qq.com/n/yqq/song/003tk0Kf3FqtrB.html 望采纳

我知道 记得采纳,找了好久 kina grannis 唱的valentine

《Can't Take My Eyes Off You》由Bob Gaudio作曲,Bob Crewe填词,首唱是1967年美国白人乐队--四季乐队的主唱法兰基维里 (Frankie Valli),

歌曲:because i love you 歌手:shakin'steven史帝文 if i got down on my knees i'm being with you if i cross a million oceans just to be with you. would you ever let me down. if i climb the highest mountain just to hold you tight...

女生唱的,高潮部分有i love you,前面很轻柔.... 很多,多的我都不想说。

pete yorn-the“i love you”song?


高潮部分和你描述相符的,很像DJ Bobo-I'm living to love you

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