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名人名言 Genius is formed in quiet, character in the stream of life.-----Goethe 天才形成于平静中,性格来自于生活的激流。 -----歌德 Wherever valour true is found, truemodesty will there abound.-----W. S. Gilbert 真诚的勇敢,都包...

春天来了,大地上的每一个角落者充满了春天的气息。 Spring is coming, every corner of the earth who filled with spring in the air. 校园里,到处都是春光明媚的鲁象。 Campus, everywhere is spring LuXiang. 柳树抽出了细细的柳丝,上面缀...

1楼 The Chinese New Year is a festival whose Chinese are most important.The history of the Chinese New Year is very long.Stanza front stick in an on the face the New Years Day of the implied meaning of the yellow word in red pa...

I'm reading,I'm happy. 我读书我快乐。 Scholarly lingering 书香萦绕 Scholarly lingering 读有益书,做高尚人 I grew up with books 书香 伴我成长 希望能帮助到你^-^

Do you like autumn 你喜欢秋天么? I do not know when, you fall softly on my red sweater, you put a flower as I have it? 不知什么时候,你轻轻地落在我鲜红的毛衣上,你把我也当成一朵花了吗? Golden butterfly you! Whom you are dancin...

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happy to learn English 快乐英语 ☆ action English 动感英语 Better English,Better Life 学好英语 改变人生 English sky英语天空 ☆ English Corner 英语角 Real & Relax English 时时英语 English Learning Time E学换乘站 Comic Zone 可乐英...

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