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英语 同音词

1weak 弱 ---week周 2\no 不--konw知道 2\deer 鹿---dear亲爱的 3\hear 听----here这儿 4\for为了---four四 5\meet会见---meat肉 6\write写----right对的 7\high高的---hi你好 8\sea大海----see看见 9\sun太阳---son儿子 10\i我----eg...

meat meet son sun road rode be bee see sea hi high two too


英语中的同音词数量不计其数,现将其中部分同音词列举出来供你参考,另外,也可以在学习过程中慢慢积累,这样积累起来的记忆效果会比较好。 right - 正确的 write - 写字 meet - 遇见 meat - 肉 hole - 洞穴 whole - 全部的 pear - 梨子 pair - ...


write right


right-write meet-meat hole-whole pear-pair flower-flour threw-through die – dye 染色 pail 桶 -pale 苍白 father-farther peace-piece for-four plane-plain hair-hare 野兔 fair-fare coarse-course council-counsel stationary-stationer...

It is for your convenience to keep fewer words in mind. If there were more, could you as well as the British learn the language easily? This is a kind of language skill in my opinion. There are many kinds of answer to your ques...

sea..see mouse..mouth two..too deer..dear there..their

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