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sugar Maroon five的

歌名: lonely I am lonely lonely lonely (我很孤独) I am lonely lonely in my life (我的生活孤孤单单) I am lonely lonely lonely (我很孤单) God help me help me to survive! (神啊!帮助我生存下去吧) Remember first time we met...

Apologize OneRepublic Apologize Timbaland 就是这俩,不同人翻唱的。你说的“啊姿耐了扩了价唉 啊姿耐(ye e yeye)”是 It's too late to apologize, it's too late~~~~~

Wade wake katy Perry唱的

曲名:tonight i wanna cry 歌手:keith urban 专辑:keith urban livin 39 right now {verse 1} ~ alone in this house again tonight i got the tv on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine there s pictures of you and i on the wal...

西城男孩的《my love》 不知道是不是,自己是唱了下,比较像。。。。

Broken Glass - Kelly Siew I'm picking up the broken glass trying to mend a shattered heart Since we fell apart Oh I'm twisted and I'm all confused Lying here alone and bruised you let without a fight Waiting for time to heal th...


Gangnam Style,也就是当红的江南式,韩国歌曲。。。

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