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求林允儿韩剧thEhE k2的百度云资源,谢谢!


亲,你匿名了 - - 亲,你要的资源我有 由于你要的资源不能上传 请留youxiang,... 你可以在评论里面留下 或者以一二四...



Rules of Reading Club      The following rules will be used for the Reading Club:      1. All books must be read from page one to the last page.      2. The parent or ...


11. She _______ TV in her bedroom at the time of five.(C) A. watches B. watched C. was building D. will watch 12. He _______ a lot in his children.(B) A. suffers B. suffered C. is suffering D. was suffering 13. On her way to wo...

Bear with the fox There is a bear the much vaunted, saying that he loves mankind, because he do not eat the dead. A fox told him: "I hope you put the dead torn to pieces, and not against those people alive." The story applies t...

他把文件整理好然后夹在一起 “收集”有搜集的意思,但是这里联系前后文,是把文件一份份摞在一然后夹起来,所以用整理更好,说“收好”也行不过太口语化


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