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短裤 短裤[简明汉英词典] [duǎnkù] 1. knickers 2. panties 3. pants 4. scanties 5. short pants 6. shortclothes 7. shorts 词条指正 - Google 搜索

短裤的英文是: pants .

短裤 [duǎn kù] [释义] shorts, pants , knickers, breeches, panties [例句] 下个月,我们也许会穿着短裤和t恤玩儿! Next month, maybe we will play in our shorts and t-shirts!

半身裙 skirt 连身裙/长裙 dress 礼服/晚装 gown 长裤 long pants 牛仔裤 jeans 短裤 short pants

shorts 英 [ʃɔ:ts] 美 [ʃɔ:rts] n. 短路;(从事运动或天气炎热时穿的)短裤;男人的短内裤;电影短片;短裤( short的名词复数 );缺乏

Shorts are trousers reaching the top of the thigh or partway to the knee, worn by both sexes for sport, relaxing in summer.

shorts:读法”削儿死“ 或者 Pants:读法”判死“


短裤的英文: shorts 参考例句: walking shorts 百慕大(齐膝)短裤 Briefs or shorts worn as underwear. 衬裤作为内衣裤穿的贴身内裤或短裤 Both of them were dressed in the blue shorts, grey shirts, and red neckerchiefs which were the ...

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