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软件 [ruǎn jiàn] n. software abbr. SW misc. sortware 双语例句: 1.这家公司既经营硬件,又经营软件。 The company deals in both hardware and software. 2.这种病毒能毁坏整个软件。 All of the software would be napoohed by such a viru...

地方的英文是 local。 local[英][ˈləʊkl][美][ˈloʊkl] adj.地方的; 当地的,本地的; 局部的; 褊狭的; n.慢车; 本地居民(律师、教士、医生); 住处附近的当地酒店; 本地新闻; Where do you pay local tax? 你在那里支...

复杂的 complicatedintricatetanglesomecomplexmazy 复杂 [fù zá] complicated; complex; sophisticated; intricate: 例句: mixing feelings; 复杂的心情 The situation is complicated. 情况复杂。 短语 1. 复杂波 complex wave; 2. 复杂地层钻...

Yes Yup am is are be been being

打 da 1.to hit; to bang on2.to fight; to attack3.to mix; to blend; to beat4.to knit5.to put down (something) on paper6.to send; to issue7.to gather; to reap8.to play any kind of ball game 打 da 1.a dozen

与 with [wið, wiθ] prep. 用;随着;支持;和…在一起 go with:附属于|跟…相配|与…相伴 along with:和…一起,和…一道|与…一起|同…一道(一起) and give offer take part in 与油画相比,我更喜欢水彩画。 I prefer oil paintings to watercol...

坏 bad ruin destroy evil spoil awfully 短语 坏天气 Bad Day ; Bad weather ; You Had a Bad Day ; foul weather 坏孩子 Evil ; Bad Kids ; Bad boy ; Ondksan 坏了 out of order ; be broken ; out of whack ; break down 例句: 1. 他对待我...

and 谢谢

n-i-n-e: nine

汉语: 谁 英语: who(主格); whom(宾格) 用法: 1. who(主格)在句子中作主语, 如: who is that woman?. 那女人是谁?。 2. whom(宾格)在句子中作宾语, 如: To whom did you give the book? 你把书交给谁啦?

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